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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Manufacturer of Ambulances, Mobile clinic, Fire and Rescue vehicle

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is an experienced emergency vehicle manufacturers.  We are making a lot-of ambulances, mobile clinic & mobile health Unit, fire protection vehicle, rescue disaster vehicle and other special vehicles.

We are designed and manufactured wide range equipped emergency ambulances in Pakistan. We are making ambulance with standard fabrication raw material. We provide or make sure all ambulance equipment and accessories with the client requirements. Our ambulance is very durable and comfort for patients.
Mobile clinic

Here is Ahmad Medix a lot-of medical specialties of mobile clinic and mobile health units in Pakistan.
Mobile clinic specialties
·         Mobile clinic
·         Mobile eye unit
·         Mobile child care & Maternity Unit                                   
·         Mobile X-ray and Ultrasound unit
·         Mobile Mammography Unit
·         Mobile dental Unit
·         Mobile operation theater
Fire and Rescue vehicle

Ahmad Medix is using German technology in all emergency fire and rescue vehicle. We are also leading manufactured in fire and rescue vehicle. Our fire truck is used very long time period. We are provides all fire and rescue equipment with the specification of customers
Contact Info

Company: Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited
Address: 129/6 Quaid-e-Azam industrial Estate Township Lahore, Pakistan
Phone No: +92-42-35213441, +92-42-35213442,
Fax No: +92-4235213443
E –Mail:

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