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Friday, 30 June 2017

Fire Trucks & Vehicles

Ahmad Medix is leading manufacturer of fire truck & vehicle in Pakistan and import to others countries. Our firm have been fabricated to the highest Quality and will enable you to response speedily to fires regardless of your situation. Our firefighting trucks and vehicles are proper for combating fires in local and commercial buildings and more effected areas.  It is known that we provide the top fire trucks and vehicles. In our range, we have new fire fighting vehicles, fire water bowser and many more. In addition to our fire fighting vehicles, we can provide a rescue truck and rescue department equipment to meet all of your requirements. If you want to fight fires efficiently then you need the top fire vehicles which our firm supplies. 
Fire Apparatus & Equipment

We provides all imported fire apparatus and equipment. We firefighting equipment are import from international manufacturers as like USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, and China etc. 

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