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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fire Truck Manufacturer

Fire-fighting trucks are specially designed to cater for great demanding situation in fire-fighting operations, our fire tenders are equipped with modern devices and extinguishing  like Water, Foam, DCP,CO2, giving the abilities to combat all kinds of fire & threats. Our fire vehicles are designed in a way to succeed high level of customer’s pleasure. Ahmad Medix Fire vehicles can be mounted on different chassis configuration as like ISUZU, Hino Pak or others

Monday, 29 February 2016

Fire Truck Manufacturer

Fire truck also known as fire engine is a vehicle designed for firefighting operations. It is also used as an emergency vehicle to provide first aid and immediate rescue when other services are not available soon enough. Primarily the operation of fire truck is to transport firefighters and their instruments to the area with a fire related emergency. The fire truck is capable of transporting firefighters, holding limited amounts of water, carrying equipment required for stopping emergency fires.
The standard fire truck holds a water tank, multiple water hoses, fire extinguishers, ladders and breathing equipment. Modern alterations to the fire trucks have improved the quality and the service including much other rescue equipment which aids a fire fighter in his duties.
Here at Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd we specialize in making state of the art fire trucks. Our trucks have been in use for many years. Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd is renowned for its manufacturing quality and providing everything according to the customers need. May it be a fire truck with special extended ladder or extra big water tank; Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd can get it done just as the client requests. Our productions can range from Tiller Tanks to Airport Crash Tenders and we’ll be happy to comply with your expectations. One thing we do not do is compromise on the quality. Currently we are developing Fire Trucks for clients like Rescue 1122. In these trucks we incorporate the power take-off (PTO) system which utilizes the main truck engine in running the water pump. It saves the weight of an extra pump and can provide pressure up to 40 Bar. The fire truck includes a foam tank and a mixer which mixes foam with water from the tank. There are visual indicators for both water and foam to show the level of each separately. The tank houses multiple outlets which can be changed according to customer’s requirements. The most basic include two hose pipes on both sides of the truck. Four outlets are present on the back to attach hoses. Plus a monitor is attached on the top whose range exceeding hundred feet. The truck includes a number of tool boxes which can be used to store various rescue equipment, which Ahmad Medix also specializes in providing. Among these equipment are chainsaws, cutters, ladder, life detectors, axes, breathing apparatus and many more. Other specialized equipment are also provided according to the customer’s needs.

The Fire Care fire truck series from Ahmad Medix has been deployed in many places across Pakistan and even sent abroad to other countries. These vehicles have been dedicated to saving lives for years and will do so for years to come.

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