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Friday, 15 January 2016

Defined Ambulance

The ambulance is a special vehicle for any critical patients and injured people. It is a great solution of first aid treatment. Road accident or serious patient ambulance is quickly reached and timely reached hospitals. All medical life-saving devices available into the ambulances and which that important for life-saving.

Manufacturer of Ambulances

Many manufacturer companies working ambulances. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is a big organization which that is manufactured of standard ambulances. We had been getting the ISO Citification manufactured of the ambulance. Ahmad Medix is working for all value service department, health companies, welfare trust hospitals, and all over the country rescue department

Ambulance Interior Fabrication

Ambulance converts into a separate body of the van. The subfloor may be made of plywood or covered with the industrial grade vinyl sheet. The interior wall seamless vinyl coated or laminated plastic sheet. All the interior design with standard quality fabrication. Medical equipment’s and accessories attached into all ambulances.

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