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Saturday, 9 January 2016

A Leader in Ambulance Manufacturer

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is only one ISO Certified company in Pakistan’s leading ambulance manufacturer. Our business was established 1988 and we are currently manufacturing a lot of ambulances. We are working with valued clients, Government health departments, rescue departments, hospital, national and international private health companies.
We have professional’s engineers and construction technician or workmanship can manufactured a standard quality designed ambulance vehicle that provide to the customer specification.

Toyota Hilux, Toyota Hilux 4x4, Toyota Hardtop 4x2, Toyota Hi Roof, Low roof, medium roof
Ambulances convert into Toyota vehicle. All ambulances manufactured with standard quality fabrication.








Tuesday, 29 December 2015


What is ambulance?
Ambulance is basic need for human. It is special vehicle for any emergency and all medical first aid facility available in ambulances which help to treatment of patients. Ambulance is basically emergency transport vehicle. Ambulance collect to critical and injured people and short time period reached at hospital.  
Manufacturing Company
Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is larger manufacturer company in Pakistan is established in 1988 which that is manufacturing to international standard quality ambulances. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) had been got ISO Certification for manufactured of ambulances.
Raw Material
We purchase a lot off components from other suppliers rather than fabrication themselves. These contains the vehicle cab, Warning speller lights and sirens, wireless systems, electrical system components, the air conditioning components, the oxygen utility panel system and other body trim pieces like  window, latches , handles  and hinges.
On the off chance that the ambulance vehicle has a different body, the body system is generally made of shaped or expelled aluminum. The external dividers are painted aluminum sheet, and the inside dividers are generally aluminum sheet secured with a vinyl covering or an overlaid plastic. The subfloor may be made of plywood or might utilize an open-cored plastic honeycomb covered to aluminum sheet. The inside floor covering is typically a consistent, mechanical evaluation vinyl that broadens incompletely up every side for simple cleaning.
Inside cupboards in the patient compartment are generally made of aluminum with straightforward, break safe plastic boards in the entryways. The counter and divider surfaces in the "activity territory," the region instantly inverse the patient's head and middle in the left-hand forward segment of the rescue vehicle body, are normally secured with a consistent sheet of stainless steel to oppose the impacts of blood and other body liquids. Inside seating and other upholstered ranges have a fire resistant froth cushioning with a vinyl covering. Inside get handles and get rails are made of stainless steel. Other inside trim pieces may be made of different elastic or plastic materials

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Ahmad Medix Life Care (Pvt) Limited is manufacturing ambulances with new modification design. We are use fabrication raw materials international standard quality.we are provides internationally all ambulatory equipment and emergency medical devices.

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