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Tuesday, 19 January 2016


As a leading business of ambulances manufactured. We are producing durable and comfort ambulances and others emergency specialty vehicle.  Ahmad Medix (Life Care) have been manufacturing ambulances and other emergency fire &rescue vehicle since 1988 with its standard emergency equipment & real able medical specialty.


We follow international applies while the fabrication and ambulance and our attention remain succeeding maximum comfort to the patient, convenience to paramedics, of installed materials and systems in the given environment and easily supportable by the end user.


The interior design allows maximum working convenience with medical discipline. Completely Cabinetry, shelves, side walls and ceiling are built of molded ABS/GRP Material which keeps the interior easily washable hence dis-infect able.  A wide range of life-saving medical devices is available.


We are converting to the ambulance on local and international chassis. We maximum ambulance manufacturing into Toyota Hilux, HI roof, Low roof, M, roof and others international chassis.

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