Friday, 14 July 2017

Mobile Clinic
A Mobile clinic is just that a basically Medical Special Care vehicles, each mobile clinic patients patient with general medical treatment, Maternity & child care , Mammography Unit , Mobile Eye Clinic, dental  unit,  Mobile Operation theater ,  Mobile clinical Labs  and more others specialties.
Mobile clinic Manufacturers
Design & manufacturers of customizes Mobile clinic on 14, 16, 18 and 20 feet truck chassis and 30 , 40 feet  bus & containers . Our knowledge gives a unique benefit as we understand how to build mobile health units that are easy to operate, convenient to service in remote areas. More than 100 of Mobile clinic & mobile health units are operational in Pakistan.
Mobile Clinic Categories
  •  Mobile General Clinic and Dispensary
  •   Mobile Maternity & Child healthcare Clinic
  •   Mobile Mammography Units
  •   Mobile Eye Hospital
  •   Mobile operational theater
  •  Mobile dental Unit
  •   Mobile clinical Lab
  •   Mobile Ultra sound & X-rays Labs

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