Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Fire Truck Manufacturer

Fire-fighting trucks are specially designed to cater for great demanding situation in fire-fighting operations, our fire tenders are equipped with modern devices and extinguishing  like Water, Foam, DCP,CO2, giving the abilities to combat all kinds of fire & threats. Our fire vehicles are designed in a way to succeed high level of customer’s pleasure. Ahmad Medix Fire vehicles can be mounted on different chassis configuration as like ISUZU, Hino Pak or others

Friday, 14 July 2017

Mobile Clinic
A Mobile clinic is just that a basically Medical Special Care vehicles, each mobile clinic patients patient with general medical treatment, Maternity & child care , Mammography Unit , Mobile Eye Clinic, dental  unit,  Mobile Operation theater ,  Mobile clinical Labs  and more others specialties.
Mobile clinic Manufacturers
Design & manufacturers of customizes Mobile clinic on 14, 16, 18 and 20 feet truck chassis and 30 , 40 feet  bus & containers . Our knowledge gives a unique benefit as we understand how to build mobile health units that are easy to operate, convenient to service in remote areas. More than 100 of Mobile clinic & mobile health units are operational in Pakistan.
Mobile Clinic Categories
  •  Mobile General Clinic and Dispensary
  •   Mobile Maternity & Child healthcare Clinic
  •   Mobile Mammography Units
  •   Mobile Eye Hospital
  •   Mobile operational theater
  •  Mobile dental Unit
  •   Mobile clinical Lab
  •   Mobile Ultra sound & X-rays Labs

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Fire Engine

 Fire engine (too known in few areas as a fire apparatus, fire-fighting vehicles) is a vehicle designed primarily for firefighting operations. In addition, many fire Rescue /fire services often employ their vehicles for several other uses plus emergency medical services and rescue purposes. The terms fire engine and fire truck are frequently used interchangeably.
The primary purposes of a fire engine include transporting firefighters to an incident scene, providing water with which to fight a fire, and carrying other equipment required by firefighters. An advanced vehicle will carrying tools for an extensive range of fire-fighting and rescue jobs, with typical apparatus plus ladders, a self-contained breathing apparatus, ventilating equipment, first aid kits, and hydraulic rescue tools.

Several fire vehicles are based on standard vehicle models (although some parts may be promoted to cope with the demands of the vehicles' usage). They are generally fitted with loud and visual notices, as well as communication equipment such as two-way radios and mobile computer technology.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Ahmad Medix (Life Care) mobile clinic & Mobile Health units are the most beneficial qualitatively, technically and economically. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) Mobile Units designed to operate in tropical zone at high temperature, salt laden and high humidity environment.
It is also designed to provide comfort of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance.

The Non-Extendable Mobile Medical Unit is similar to trucks. This unit can be customized as per client's specification. The flexi design of mobile clinic on truck , buses or trailer chassis are built & equipped to serve several clinic applications as like X-ray & Ultrasound , Maternity  & child clinic  Mammography Unit , Blood Donation , Dental, Laboratory , Surgery/ ICU , Operation theater or any other specialized area in a hospital ( Cardiac, Diabetic, etc.)

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