Monday, 22 May 2017

Mobile Clinic

Mobile clinic is a basically special Mobile medical care vehicle.  Mobile clinic is use in remote areas.  These remote areas where are not available medical care. These are areas provides medical treatment through mobile clinic.
Mobile Clinic Manufacturer
Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is manufactured international standard mobile clinic and mobile health units with all medical specialties. Our hundred more mobile clinic & mobile healthcare units are operational in over Pakistan. Here in Ahmad Medix we are manufactured mobile clinic on different sizes of trucks, buses or containers 
Kinds of Mobile Clinic & Mobile healthcare Units        
·         Mobile General Clinic  and dispensary
·         Mobile  Maternity & children healthcare
·         Mobile Eye Clinic  & Surgery
·         Mammography  Unit
·         Mobile dental unit
·         Mobile liver Units
·         Mobile Operation Theater
·         Mobile Clinical Lab
·         Mobile X-Rays  & Ultra sound Unit
·         Mobile Pet Unit
Mobile Clinic Fabrication

Ergonomically molded interior convenient work-flow with medical discipline.  Our mobile clinic & Health Unit are designed and fabricated from “the ground-up”, to deliver maximum performance and durability.

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