Friday, 19 May 2017

Ambulance Fabrication

We are manufactured a customized emergency ambulance in Pakistan. Our ambulance is very durable or comfortable for patients. All internal designing including side wall, cabinet side bench, and ceiling is completely made with ABS Fiber.
Fabrication Features
Floor: Ambulance sub floor is made plywood and upper surface insulate with industrial grade vinyl pieces.
Interior: Interior design allow maximum working ease with medical discipline  and all cabinet , shelves, side bench and ceiling  are made of molded ABS/GRP Fiber material which keep interior easily washable. A wide range of the Life Saving medical equipment is available.
Lighting System:   speller light system, sound speaker and hand mike, PA system and all control in driver cabin.
Utility Panel: Utility penal contains O2 Flow meters, O2 Gas Cylinder change over switch, touch panels for all switches & digital display.
Stretcher: one plate form of auto & self-loaded Stretchers
Paramedic seat: Conveniently located paramedic revolving seat side & overhead cabinetry sufficiently accommodate all equipment.

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