Monday, 22 May 2017

Mobile Clinic

Mobile clinic is a basically special Mobile medical care vehicle.  Mobile clinic is use in remote areas.  These remote areas where are not available medical care. These are areas provides medical treatment through mobile clinic.
Mobile Clinic Manufacturer
Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is manufactured international standard mobile clinic and mobile health units with all medical specialties. Our hundred more mobile clinic & mobile healthcare units are operational in over Pakistan. Here in Ahmad Medix we are manufactured mobile clinic on different sizes of trucks, buses or containers 
Kinds of Mobile Clinic & Mobile healthcare Units        
·         Mobile General Clinic  and dispensary
·         Mobile  Maternity & children healthcare
·         Mobile Eye Clinic  & Surgery
·         Mammography  Unit
·         Mobile dental unit
·         Mobile liver Units
·         Mobile Operation Theater
·         Mobile Clinical Lab
·         Mobile X-Rays  & Ultra sound Unit
·         Mobile Pet Unit
Mobile Clinic Fabrication

Ergonomically molded interior convenient work-flow with medical discipline.  Our mobile clinic & Health Unit are designed and fabricated from “the ground-up”, to deliver maximum performance and durability.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Ambulance Fabrication

We are manufactured a customized emergency ambulance in Pakistan. Our ambulance is very durable or comfortable for patients. All internal designing including side wall, cabinet side bench, and ceiling is completely made with ABS Fiber.
Fabrication Features
Floor: Ambulance sub floor is made plywood and upper surface insulate with industrial grade vinyl pieces.
Interior: Interior design allow maximum working ease with medical discipline  and all cabinet , shelves, side bench and ceiling  are made of molded ABS/GRP Fiber material which keep interior easily washable. A wide range of the Life Saving medical equipment is available.
Lighting System:   speller light system, sound speaker and hand mike, PA system and all control in driver cabin.
Utility Panel: Utility penal contains O2 Flow meters, O2 Gas Cylinder change over switch, touch panels for all switches & digital display.
Stretcher: one plate form of auto & self-loaded Stretchers
Paramedic seat: Conveniently located paramedic revolving seat side & overhead cabinetry sufficiently accommodate all equipment.

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Ambulance is a vehicle for transportation of ill or wounded person to, from or among places of treatment for a sickness or injury and in some examples will also provide out of hospital medical care to the patient. The word is often associated with road going emergency ambulances which form part of an emergency medical service, administering emergency care to those with critical medical problems.
The term ambulance does, however, extend to a wider variety of vehicles other than those with flasher warning lights and sirens. The term also includes a large number of  ambulances which are for transport of patients without an urgent critical condition (see below  Useful types) and a extensive range of urgent and  vehicles including trucks, vans,  motorbikes, station wagons, buses,  Vehicle types).

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fire Fighting

Firefighting is the act of trying to avoid the spread of and extinguish important undesirable fires in buildings, vehicles, forest, etc. A fire fighter suppresses and extinguishes fires to defend lives and to prevent the destruction of property and of the location. Firefighters may deliver other services to their societies.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Luxury Vehicles- Ahmad Medix (Life Care)

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury vehicle is a selling word for a vehicle that offers luxury pleasant or wanted topographies beyond strict need at increased cost (see luxury things).
The term suggests a vehicle with advanced quality equipment, well performance, more precise construction, comfort, higher design, technologically innovative modern, or features that convey an image, brand, status, or prestige, or any other 'discretionary' feature or grouping of them. The term is also broad, highly variable and

LUXURY Mobile Office – Ahmad Medix (Life Care)

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) Auto Design luxury mobile office consists of the following features:
• Private workspace for up to 6 people

• On-board Wi-Fi (4G/3G) for smartphones, laptops and tablets
• O We are making best emergency first aid treatment vehicles in Pakistan. These are categories include basic Life Support Ambulance, Advanced Life Support Ambulance , Cardiac Ambulance , standard ambulance or rescue  ambulance.
n-board Windows 7 computer

• LED TV/DVD Player

• Video conference facilities

• Sockets to charge laptops, smartphones and tablets

• Integrated sound system

• Refrigerator

• Rear air conditioning

• Fully sound proofed

• Driver in separate compartment

• Intercom system to driver

• Solar light system

• Generator

• Bed Room with LED TV

Monday, 1 May 2017


The definition of an ambulance is a vehicle that is used for the transport of ill or injured persons to a hospital or other first aid medical facility.

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