Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Ambulance is special vehicles that is used for transportation of all injured and sick person to a hospital and other first aid medical facilities.
An example of an ambulance is emergency vehicles with a siren that may come to rescue a people having an accidents
 Proud of Manufacturer of ambulance
Here in Ahmad Medix (Life Care) are manufactured high range emergency ambulance.  Life Care ambulance is very durable and comfortable for patients. Example that Basic life support ambulance, advanced life support ambulance, Cardiac ambulance and emergency rescue ambulance.
Ambulance fabrication Work
We are engaged in offering a complete Ambulance Fabrication Works as per the client’s specification and drawings. These are manufactured using excellent quality of ABS raw material.
Ambulance Interior fabrication
All flooring industrial Grade Vinyl sheet
Patients box including site cabinet, shelves, ceiling, and site deep accessories box made by high quality ABS material

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