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An ambulance may be a vehicle for transportation of sick or wounded folks to, from or between places of treatment for associate malady or injury,[1] and in some instances also will give out of hospital medical aid to the patient. The word is commonly related to road going emergency ambulances that kind a part of associate emergency medical service, administering emergency care to those with critical medical problems.
The term ambulance will, however, touch a wider vary of vehicles apart from those with flashing warning lights and sirens. The term additionally includes an outsized range of non-urgent ambulances that area unit for transport of patients while not associate pressing acute condition (see below: useful types) and a good vary of pressing and non-urgent vehicles together with trucks, vans, bicycles, motorbikes, station wagons, buses, helicopters, fixed-wing craft, boats, and even hospital ships (see below: Vehicle types).

Ambulance Manufacturer – Ahmad Medix (Life Care)

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is No ISO certified manufactured of ambulance. We are making wide range ambulance in Pakistan. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) Ambulance is durable or Comport for patients.  All internal features or design of ambulance is very unique. We are made ambulance for rescue 1122, health departments, Government hospital, and private welfare trust hospitals

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