Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Standard Ambulance Fabrication


  • Antibacterial, nonskid, washable,  and durable one piece vinyl flooring  (made UK)
  • ABS (internationally recommended material for ambulance interior)is used for purpose built cabinetry & shelves with equipment parking mechanism. side walls, ceiling and utility panels making all interior bacteriostatic  electrical insulated, Ergonomic and most durable.
  •  safe electrical wiring with connector  system  fireproof & color coded- wire
  • Digital electrical command panel having malfunction information feature and safely circuit breaker
  • dual  cylinder based Oxygen supply system with 02 low alarm and international standard regulators, medical grade pipes and connectors.
  • I.V holders and handles for staff at ceiling
  • Inverter, rectifier and second battery system
  • Auto air sterilizer
  • International communication system
  • Reflective inscriptions, stripes and logos as per customer request
  • External emergency warning light spoiler and PA system with 150 w multi tone siron
  • Inlet for external power source

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