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We are occupied with offering Ambulance Interior Fabrication for Ambulance Vans. These vans are decisively outlined and modeler to give solace to the patients. Assist, these are encouraged with all essential hardware and symptomatic machines to give restorative guide amid crisis circumstances. Other than giving administrations amid crises, it additionally serves as small scale healing center for dealing with patients. Accessible in the standard plans at prudent costs, these vans can be modified to meet the particulars of our customers.


Thursday, 13 October 2016


An ambulance vehicle for transportation of sick or harmed individuals to, from or between places of treatment for a malady or injury, [1] and in some instances will offer out of hospital treatment to the patient. The word is commonly related to road going emergency ambulances that kind a part of AN emergency medical service, administering emergency care to those with acute medical issues.

The term ambulance will, however, touch a wider vary of vehicles apart from those with flasher warning lights and sirens. The term conjointly includes an oversize variety of non-urgent ambulances that area unit for transport of patients while not AN pressing acute condition (see below: purposeful types) and a good vary of pressing and non-urgent vehicles as well as trucks, vans, bicycles, motorbikes, station wagons, buses, helicopters, fixed-wing craft, boats, and even hospital ships (see below: Vehicle types).

The term ambulance comes from the Latin word as which means "to walk or move about that may be a regard to early treatment wherever patients were enraptured by lifting or wheeling. The word originally meant a move to hospital, that follows a military in its movements There area unit different forms of car, with the foremost common being the patient transport ambulance (sometimes known as a ambulate These vehicles don't seem to be sometimes (although there area unit exceptions) equipped with equipment instrumentality, and area unit sometimes crewed by workers with fewer experiences than the crew of emergency ambulances. Their purpose is just to move patients to, from or between places of treatment. In most countries, these don't seem to be equipped with flashing lights or sirens. In some jurisdictions there's a changed kind of the car used, that solely carries one member of car crew to the scene to produce care, however isn't wont to transport the patient.[8] Such vehicles area unit known as fly-cars. In these cases a patient WHO needs transportation to hospital would force a patient-carrying ambulance to attend additionally to the quick respondent.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Design and construction- Ambulance

Ambulance- Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited vehicle plan must consider nearby conditions and foundation. Kept up streets are essential for street going ambulances to land on scene and afterward transport the patient to a healing center, however in rough zones four-wheel drive or off-road vehicles can be utilized. Fuel must be accessible and administration offices are important to keep up the vehicle.

Techniques for summoning (e.g. phone) and dispatching ambulances ordinarily depend on electronic hardware, which itself regularly depends on an in place power matrix. Likewise, present day ambulances are furnished with two-way radios[33] or cell phones to empower them to contact healing centers, either to advise the proper clinic of the emergency vehicle's pending entry, or, in situations where doctors don't shape part of the rescue vehicle's group, to consult with a doctor for medicinal oversight.

Ambulances regularly have two producers. The first is habitually a maker of low and full-size vans (or already, autos, for example, Mercedes-Benz, Suzuki, King long, Toyota The second producer (known as second stage maker) buys the vehicle (which is in some cases obtained fragmented, having no body or inside behind the driver's seat) and transforms it into a rescue vehicle by including bodywork, crisis vehicle gear, and inside fittings. This is finished by one of two strategies – either coach building, where the changes are begun sans preparation and based on to the vehicle, or utilizing a particular framework, where a pre-manufactured "box" is put on to the empty chassis of the emergency vehicle, and after that completed off.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fire engine

A Fire engine (additionally referred to in a few domains as a fire contraption, fire truck, or fire apparatus) is a vehicle composed fundamentally to firefighting operations. What's more, numerous fire offices regularly utilize their vehicles for different uses including disaster therapeutic administrations and salvage purposes. The expressions "fire engine" and "fire truck" are regularly utilized reciprocally yet as a part of Pakistan speak to various sorts of vehicles.
The basic roles of a Fire engine incorporate transporting firefighters to an episode scene, giving water which to battle a fire, and conveying other gear required by the firefighters. A run of the mill current vehicle will convey devices for an extensive variety of firefighting and salvage assignments, with regular hardware including stepping stools, an independent breathing mechanical assembly, ventilating gear, medical aid units, and water powered salvage devices.
Numerous Fire fighting vehicle - Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited depend on standard vehicle models (albeit a few sections might be moved up to adapt to the requests of the vehicle's use). They are regularly fitted with perceptible and visual notices, and additionally correspondence hardware, for example, two-way radios and versatile PC innovation.

The standard flame motor is a mechanical assembly outlined principally to firefighting operations. The main role of the engine is transporting firefighters to the scene, giving a constrained supply of water with which to battle the flame, and conveying apparatuses, hardware, and hoses required by the firefighters. The instruments carried on the flame motor will fluctuate significantly in view of numerous elements including the measure of the division and what kind of territory the office must handle. For instance, offices situated close extensive waterways or streams are liable to have some kind of water salvage gear. Standard devices found on about all flame motors incorporate steps, pressure driven salvage devices (frequently alluded to as the jaws of life), floodlights, fire hose, fire dousers, independent breathing mechanical assembly, and warm imaging cameras.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Functional types - Ambulance

Ambulances can be gathered into sorts relying upon regardless of whether they transport patients, and under what conditions. Now and again, ambulances may satisfy more than one capacity, (for example, joining crisis emergency vehicle care with patient transport).

•              Emergency emergency vehicle – The most well-known sort of rescue vehicle, which furnish consideration to patients with an intense disease or harm. These can be street going vans, water crafts, helicopters, settled wing flying machine (known as air ambulances) or even changed over vehicles, for example, golf trucks.

•              Patient transport emergency vehicle – A vehicle, which has the occupation of transporting patients to, from or between spots of medicinal treatment, for example, healing facility or dialysis focus, for non-dire consideration. These can be vans, transports or different vehicles.

•              Response unit – Also known as a fly-auto or a [fast Response Vehicle], which is a vehicle which is utilized to achieve an intensely sick patient rapidly, and give on scene care, however does not have the ability to transport the patient from the scene. Reaction units might be went down by a crisis ambulance - Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited vehicle which can transport the patient, or may manage the issue on scene, with no necessity for a vehicle emergency vehicle. These can be a wide assortment of vehicles, from standard autos, to changed vans, bikes, pedal cycles, quad bicycles or stallions. These units can work as a vehicle for officers or bosses (like a fire boss' vehicle, however for rescue vehicle administrations). Fire and Rescue administrations in Pakistan regularly staff EMTs or Paramedics to their devices to give restorative consideration without the need to sit tight for an emergency vehicle.

•              Charity emergency vehicle – A unique sort of patient transport rescue vehicle is given by a philanthropy to the motivation behind taking debilitated kids or grown-ups on treks or get-away far from healing centers, hospices or consideration homes where they are in long haul care. Cases incorporate the Pakistan’s" Jubilance" extend these are typically in light of a transport.

•              Bariatric rescue vehicle – An extraordinary kind of patient transport emergency vehicle intended for to a great degree stout patients furnished with the fitting devices to move and deal with these patients.

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