Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Ahmad Medix is a lead in ambulance fabrication industry. We fabricate ambulances types BLS, ALS, cardiac and rescue emergency. All ambulances are built according to speciation. All process of ambulance fabrication, including interior cabinet, installation of electrical wiring and spoiler light and alarm system are done in the timeframe. We have widely range accessories or medical equipment of used ambulances are available. We provide all equipment of ambulances according to the customer requirements.
Flooring: ambulance subfloor may be made by wood ply sheet and all interior floor covered with the industrial grade vinyl antibacterial sheet. Vinyl flooring easy clean and washable.
Interior: Side cabinet, shelves, ceiling, side deep accessories bench box, washbasin usually made by ABS GRP molded fiber raw material. Fixed revolving doctor seat and one fabricate the self-load stretcher platform. Stretcher platform seamless made by steel body.

Electrical System: All ambulance electrical installation with quality color coded wire. We are using high-intensity spoiler lighting system and high standard variable siren and public address sound System. All ambulance lighting siren & sound control panel installed in driver cabin

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