Sunday, 25 September 2016

Manufacturing Ambulance/ Mobile Clinic/ Fire & Rescue Vehicle


Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is known as professional manufacturers. We are making extensive emergency ambulance, mobile clinic, fire & rescue vehicle, mobile support office, DSNG Vans, motor homes and luxury vehicles. We are manufactured using best quality fabrication raw material.  These are vehicles ambulances, mobile clinic or fire fighting vehicle exporting to others countries.
We are making high range medical equipped ambulance. All ambulance interior patient cabin include shelves side cabinet celling and deep accessories side bench box complete made by ABS Fiber material which keep all interior easily washable hence dis-infect able
Fire & rescue vehicle
Ahmad Medix -Rescue Vehicle is exceptionally intended to give the particular equipment important to specialized salvage circumstances, for example, car crashes requiring vehicle removal, building breakdown, restricted space salvage, rope salvages and quick water salvages. This ability separates them from conventional pumper trucks or stepping stool trucks planned basically to convey firefighters and their entrance gear and in addition on-board water tanks, hoses and hardware for flame quenching and light protect.
Mobile clinic

Ahmad Medix is only one of manufacturing company in Pakistan. We are making special medical mobile health care vehicle with several medical specialties. These specialties is mobile eye hospital, mobile healthcare Unit, mammography unit, Mobile Operation theater Unit,  Mobile maternity & child health care Unit, Mobile clinical Lab, mobile X-ray & Ultrasound Unit. 

                                Fire Fighting Vehicle
 Recue Vehicle
 Mobile Clinic

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fire Fighting Vehicle / Fire Truck

Fire Fighting vehicle

Fire Engine

A fire engine is uncommonly outline for any fire crisis act. Fire truck is unique vehicle associated with equipment for a high range crisis fire salvage mission. 

Fire vehicle Manufacturers 

Ahmad Medix is delivers high range fire truck engine for rescue 1122 and sending out others worldwide nations. Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited fire vehicle is utilize long time. We are assembling quality fire vehicle and giving fire accessories as per customer necessity. Numerous apparatus cupboards or boxes are made in fire vehicle and which can be put away the all fire and safeguard gear. We are made extraordinary broadened additional stepping stool huge water tank for flame truck. Fire vehicle fundamental motor associated with extra power take off (PTO). PTO principle capacity is give additional energy to run the water pump

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Ltd is known as manufacturers in Pakistan. Our company is making the wide range high quality emergency lifesaving ambulance. In the Ahmad Medix (Life Care), there are made the different category of ambulances. These category is basic life support ambulance, Advance life support ambulance and emergency cardiac or rescue ambulances.

We are making ambulance on local and international chassis brands. These are chassis Toyota helix, Toyota Hi-Roof Vans, Suzuki Bolan, king Long (chines), FAW XPV Van (Chines), Suzuki AVP Van, Suzuki every, Mercedes sprinter.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


We are making wide range ambulance with standard fabrication materials. It is proud for Pakistan that we  are  exporting to different countries.






Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Ahmad Medix is a lead in ambulance fabrication industry. We fabricate ambulances types BLS, ALS, cardiac and rescue emergency. All ambulances are built according to speciation. All process of ambulance fabrication, including interior cabinet, installation of electrical wiring and spoiler light and alarm system are done in the timeframe. We have widely range accessories or medical equipment of used ambulances are available. We provide all equipment of ambulances according to the customer requirements.
Flooring: ambulance subfloor may be made by wood ply sheet and all interior floor covered with the industrial grade vinyl antibacterial sheet. Vinyl flooring easy clean and washable.
Interior: Side cabinet, shelves, ceiling, side deep accessories bench box, washbasin usually made by ABS GRP molded fiber raw material. Fixed revolving doctor seat and one fabricate the self-load stretcher platform. Stretcher platform seamless made by steel body.

Electrical System: All ambulance electrical installation with quality color coded wire. We are using high-intensity spoiler lighting system and high standard variable siren and public address sound System. All ambulance lighting siren & sound control panel installed in driver cabin

Friday, 2 September 2016

Ambulance Fabrication & Internal Features

  • All patient compartment are seamless, hygienic and easily washable
  • Ambulance sub flooring made of plywood covered with antibacterial Vinyl flooring sheet.
  • Internal patient box cabinet, shelves, washbasin, ceiling, side seat deep accessories box completely made by molded ABS
  • Fixed revolving paramedic chair and fixed self-loading stretcher platform.
  • 02 Gas pipeline with panel.
  • High intensity spoiler light system with variable siren & public address sound system.
  • Critical Care equipment like ventilator, patient monitor, defibrillator, suction pump unit.
We fabricate different types of ambulance like basic life care support ambulance, advanced life care support, rescue ambulances and also supply emergency medical equipment  as per as requirement of client. 

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