Sunday, 21 August 2016

Fire Fighting Vehicle

Fire Fighting Vehicle

Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd holds phenomenal in making craftsmanship fire vehicle. Our fire vehicle is use to taxing day and age. Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd is prestigious for its collecting quality and giving everything according to the customers need. May it be a fire truck with remarkable created venturing stool or extra gigantic water tank; Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd can finish it for the most part as the client requests. Our manifestations can go from Tiller Tanks to Airport Crash Tenders and we'll be sprightly to agree to your wishes. One thing we don't do is deal on the quality. Shortly we are making Fire Trucks for clients like Rescue 1122. In these trucks we join the power take-off (PTO) limit which utilizes the standard truck engine as a part of running the water pump. It saves the largeness of an extra pump and can surrender weight to 40 Bar. The fire truck fuses a foam tank and a blender which mixes foam with water from the tank. There are visual pointers for both water and foam to show the level of each autonomously. The tank houses various outlets which can be changed by necessities. The most basic consolidate two hose channels on both sides of the truck. Four outlets are accessible on the back to add hoses. Also a screen is attached on the top whose achieve surpassing hundred feet. The truck fuses different device compartments which can be used to store diverse rescue equipment, which Ahmad Medix moreover works in giving. Among these equipment are cutting devices, cutters, venturing stool, life locators, tomahawks, breathing mechanical get together and some more. Other particular rigging are in like manner given by customer's needs.

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