Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mobile Clinic & Mobile Health Unit

Mobile Clinic is known as medicinal treatment vehicle. Versatile Clinic is utilized as a part of those zones where restorative treatment facilities are not accessible.

Mobile clinic Creators

Ahmad Medix is one of the best assembling organization in Pakistan which is making Mobile Clinic with all physically facilities further more as of now has made numerous versatile facilities. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is making medical mobile clinic and versatile medical healthcare unit with the few restorative strength.

Mobile Clinic strength

•              General facility

•              Mobile eye center and eye doctor's facility

•              Mobile kids medicinal services and maternity

•              Mobile mammography Unit

•              Mobile dental Unit

•              Mobile OPD and OT UNIT

•              Mobile operation theater

•              Mobile clinical Lab

•              Mobile X-Ray and Ultrasound Unit

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