Thursday, 9 June 2016


Ahmad Medix (Pvt) limited is making Basic Life Support, Advances Life Support. These ambulances are custom built according to your specifications. All levels of the manufacturing process, including design, module and cabinet fabrication, paint, electrical and finishing are all done. We also have an extensive accessories of used ambulances that are readily available for fast delivered.
Classification of Ambulance:
 Basic Life Support Ambulance:
This ambulances are built using a van type chassis. The only main modification to the vehicle is that the roof is raised. The ambulances are generally used by Government or Private hospitals, Ministry of Health, rescue department and when the ambulance is used to transport patient that only require basic Life Support features
Advanced Life Support Ambulance:
This ambulance have a patient compartment mounted onto the chassis. This ambulance is fixed on van chassis. Type I and III ambulances are commonly used at airports, chemical plants, oil refineries and all ambulance has to be equipped with the medical equipment for advance

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