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What is ambulance?
Ambulance is an emergency medical care vehicle. Ambulance is mainly used for transportation of emergency patients. Medical life-saving devices and first aid treatment accessories are available in the ambulances. A Paramedic gives the first aid and further stabilizes the patient using the devices in ambulance.
Manufacturing Ambulance
A lot of manufacturers are working on emergency vehicles in our country Pakistan. Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is famed as manufacturer of ambulances due to its superior quality and state of the art equipment. Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is the biggest firm in Pakistan who is making international standard ambulance.
Ambulance Fabrication
Ambulance has a separate cabin that is manufactured behind the driver seat of vehicle. Firstly the floor of vehicle is modified by special medical grade plywood which is covered by medical grade vinyl sheet. Patient compartment, Interior cabinet, shelves, side wall, side bench accessories box and ceiling is manufactured with custom designed molded ABS. All interior is easily washable, heat, chemical and bacteria resistant.
 Equipment of Ambulances

A number of medical life-saving devices or equipment is available.  Ahmad medix (Pvt) limited imports the latest equipment from renowned international companies in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and China.

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