Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fire fighting vehicle / Fire Trucks

Fire fighting vehicle is called fire engine truck. It designed for fire operation. A fire vehicle is used as an emergency vehicle to deliver immediate rescue and first aid. When other amenities are not available soon sufficient. Mainly the operation of fire truck is to transport firefighters and their devices to the area with any fire related emergency. The fire truck is capable of transporting firefighters, holding limited quantity of water, transport equipment need for stopping emergency fires.
The fire truck holds a water tank, several water hoses, fire extinguishers, ladders and breathing equipment. Modern changes to the fire vehicle have better the quality and the service including much other rescue equipment which helps a fire fighter in his responsibility

Fire Truck Manufacturer:

Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd holds special in making art fire vehicle. Our fire vehicle is use to long time period. Ahmad Medix (pvt) ltd is manufacturing quality fire vehicle and providing fire equipment according to the customer’s specification. May it be a special extended ladder or extra big water tank attached on fire vehicle. The quality is cost effectiveness is our motto. We are developing Fire Trucks for Rescue 1122. The fire vehicle chain from Ahmad Medix (Life Care) has been deployed in many places across the border of Pakistan and even are exporting overseas to other countries. All fire truck main engine are connected with extra power take off (PTO). Who is provide the force for run the water pump. Many tool boxes are made in the fire truck and which can be stored several rescue equipment. These equipment are chainsaws, cutters, ladder, life detectors, axes, breathing apparatus and more other. Other special equipment are provided according to the customer specification.

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