Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Define of ambulance

Ambulance is special vehicle for seek patient and injured people. One emergency treatment box is manufacture into the ambulance.  All medical lifesaving devices and first aid treatment facility is provide into the ambulances.

Ambulance Equipped and Accessories:

·         Folded stretcher
·         Spine board
·         Self-loaded stretcher
·         Patient monitor               
·         Plus ox meter
·         neutralizer
·          suction unit
·         Burn kit
·         Advance first aid kit
·         BP Apparatus
·         Ventilator
·         First aid bag
·         Automatic External defibrillator

Ambulance Manufacturer:
Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is leading manufacturing of latest and standard ambulances since 1988. We design and ambulance especially for maximum comfortable of the patient, maximum accessibility of para medical staff and all interior easily washable hence dis-injectable. All medical lifesaving devices and equipped installed in ambulances.

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