Thursday, 7 April 2016

Ambulance defined in Latin

Ambulance comes from the Latin word ambulare. As meaning ambulance is a special vehicle which is used for providing transport to the seek and injured people to hospital.
Ambulance Manufacturer
Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is a large and experienced manufacturing firm in Pakistan. Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is making a large number of ambulance. The manufactures of this company are introducing the modern and standard ambulances. These ambulances are according to the customer’s specification.
Interior of Ambulance
The Interior designs of ambulances are made according to the convenience of users with medical discipline. The cabinets, shelves, sidewalls, ceiling of these ambulances are made by ABS / GRP molded fiber materials. The interior of all these ambulances can be washed easily.
Types of Ambulances
The Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is making different categories of ambulances. These categories of ambulance is type (1) standard ambulance (2) basic life support ambulance (3) advances life care ambulance (4) cardiac ambulance (5) rescue ambulance.

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