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Ahmad Medix (Life Care) has experience in the manufactured field. We are made a lot of high standard quality designed Ambulances, Mobile clinic, Fire & Rescue vehicles, DSNG vans and other specialty vehicles.
Ambulance Hilux

Ambulance Design and Manufactured

We are all ambulances completed design and manufactured with quality fabrication raw materials. Ambulance floor made by plywood with the coated industrial grade vinyl sheet. Ambulance patient’s side wall or cabinetry, Utility panel area is made by ABS laminated plastic fiberglass.

Ambulance Equipment and Accessories

We are available widely range ambulatory equipment and medical life saves devices. All equipment and accessories attached to the ambulances to with customer requirements.

Fire and Rescue Vehicle

fire fighting vehilces
Disaster Management Vehicles

Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Limited is high performance in manufactured of fire and rescue vehicle. We are export to fire vehicle other international countries. Fire and rescue vehicle to make before our engineer and designer make a complete 2D 3D computerized Cad layout with the specification of client. The main superstructure is fabricated with stainless steel, Aluminum, and mild steel after corrosion free treatment. The crew cabin is fabricated behind the driver cabin in an integrated fashion. Firefighting pumps of world’s renewed brands either chassis engine was driven or separate engine driven are used for best performance. Branded accessories made of Europe, USA, JAPAN, Korea, and China are available

Mobile Clinic and Mobile health Unit

Mobile Health Units

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is only one company in the Pakistan which that is manufacturing international standard mobile clinic and mobile healthcare units. We are designed and manufactured of the mobile clinic with different medical specialty. These medical specialty mobile clinic categories are General Mobile clinic & dispensary, Mobile Maternity and Child healthcare, Mobile Eye Hospital & surgery, Mobile Mammography Unit, Mobile Dental Unit, Mobile liver clinic, Mobile Operation Theater,  Mobile clinical Lab, Mobile X-Rays & Ultrasound Unit.  We are made the mobile clinic on 14 feet, 20 feet truck chassis and mobile healthcare unit on 30 to 40 feet bus & containers.

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