Thursday, 29 October 2015

Ambulance Manufacturer

What is ambulance?

Ambulance is a basically emergency transport vehicle of sick or injured peoples and which that no only provided first aid treatment or injured people to reach timely in hospitals.


Medix (Pvt) Ltd, one of Pakistan largest firm of manufactured of ambulances, mobile clinic, firefighting, rescue and other emergency specialty vehicle. Ahmad We had been got ISO certification of ambulances. We are lot off manufacturing ambulance and fire and rescue vehicle. All Pakistan government health departments, rescue department and other hospital or private welfare, organization are trust to Ahmad Medix (Pvt) Ltd and  we manufactured to ambulances,  fire or rescue vehicles.

Standard Design and Manufacturing:

Ahmad Medix is had believed on quality. All ambulance or other emergency vehicle to design and manufactured with high standard quality fabrication raw materials. Our ambulances comfort to the patients and easy to connivance for all paramedic.

Types of Ambulances:

We are manufactured ambulance on different local and international chassis
1      FAW-XPV (Chinese)
      King long  (Chinese)
      Mercedes vehicle
      Nissan patrol
         Panorama ambulance
         Suzuki Bolan
         Suzuki AVP van
8    Toyota 4x2 Hardtop
         Toyota Hilux
    Toyota Hilux 4x4
    Toyota HI roof
    Toyota M roof
    Toyota Low roof

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Ahmad Medix Life Care (Pvt) Limited is manufacturing ambulances with new modification design. We are use fabrication raw materials international standard quality.we are provides internationally all ambulatory equipment and emergency medical devices.

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