Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mobile clinic

The facility of eye clinic with General examination, diagnosis and sugary has been made possible on wheel.  The interior is finished with medical grade flooring; bacteriostatic side walls, ceiling and 100% waterproof material. All required medical equipment like Auto Ref, A/B Scan, Slit Lamp, Operating micro scope and etc is installed. These easy-going mobile clinic are equipped with air –conditioning system, sterilization and technical room washroom, LED Light Cabinetry & storage and have three sources of power i.e 1) Generator with required KVA, 2) solar power Systems & 3) Inlet for Grid source.

AMBULANCE on all Vans and Chassis

Ahmad Medix ( Life Care) has succeeded in setting new trend in designing and manufacturing ambulances ingenuously.
A continuous Research &Development ultimately has made Ahmad Medix ( Life Care) to emerge as a leader in local industry for solutions on standard , BLS, ALS, Cardiac and all other types of ambulances

Economical and Customized solution for AMBULANCE

New FAW  X-PV a leading Chinese brand comfortable and  more spacious Ambulatory compartment for more patient comfort comprehensively strengthened body which is more robust and more secure.

A 1000cc (60hp) petrol EFI Engine with Euro 4 Emission standard More fuel efficient, more environment-friendly

Friday, 15 May 2015

Mobile Healthcare Units

Ahmad Medix (Life Care) is a cutting –edge   and manufacturer of Mobile Healthcare Units of all categories i.e. Maternity child healthcare, OPD & general examination, Eye clinic, Dental Units, X-ray & Diagnostic Lab, and ICU Ward and Operation Theater.  The interior is finished with medical grade flooring, bacteriostatic side walls, Ceiling and 100% waterproof martial. All required medical equipment is made available in these easy-going mobile healthcare units. Each unit is equipped with air-conditional system, sterilization & technical room, washroom. LED Lights, Cabinetry &   storage and have three sources of power i.e.1) Generator with required KVA, 2) Solar Systems & 3 ) Inlet Grid source.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Stainless steel and Aluminum made superstructure is placed behind driver cabin of different types and size of Turk chassis. The  superstructure is professionally designed  to accommodate rescue and USR equipment to  respond to natural and man -made disaster. 10 to 15 KVA  power generator,telescopic tower with flood light and monitoring camera, 5 ton electric winch, extendable ladder and  side awing help rescue operations with ease.


Ahmad Medix ( Life Care) offers  high-tech fire fighting vehicles on different types and size chassis. Main superstructure is fabricated with stainless steel, Aluminum and mild steel after corrosion free treatment. Crew cabin is fabricated behind the driver cabin in an integrated fashion.  firefighting pumps of world's  renowned brand either chassis engine driven of separate engine driven are used for best performance. Branded accessories made of Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and China are available

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